Other Product Packaging


assembly_packagingAssembly Packaging is the combination of a variety of packaging types and techniques to achieve customized product packaging. Many different types of packaging solutions are applied in concert to realize customized client demands. Often times, a variety of techniques are applied such as clamshells, folding boxes, shrink-wrapping, polybagging or others.

Often times, the final product that is being packaged cannot simply be carried out with a single type of packaging. Product Packaging sometimes faces complexities with larger, unorthodox product types. It may become necessary to, for example, utilize a combination of Blister Packaging, Shrink-wrapping and Skin Pack Packaging to accomplish the successful and complete packaging of a particular product.


shrink01This type of product packaging utilizes films that have been purposely altered post-manufacture by way of mechanical stretching. This is done prior to heat application. The shrink-wrap film will then try to regain its original form once introduced to heat again, thus ensuring a very tightly sealed product packaged.

Shrink-wrap is nothing more than a film applied about the circumference of a product, tightened and shrunk with heat to form a close seal. The main purpose of this type of packaging is product protection, tamper-proof precautions or a combination thereof. Printed and clear shrink bands are also quite common. This technology takes advantage of shrink-wrapping the entire product as opposed to a band of shrink being applied only where it is needed. Heat shrink printed labels are also be coming very widely used. It is common to see to see a case shrink-wrapped with poly film to eliminate corrugate cardboard and to make the product more visible or weather resistant.


large_item_shrink_wrappingHale Packaging Solutions is now proud to be able to offer shrink-wrapping for large-scale products, such as totes or crate shipped items. These are particularly applicable to manufacturing and production facilities that produce large items and would like them protected and contained.

All product-packaging jobs are completed in full at the Brantford location and shipped accordingly from there.