Blister Packaging

blister_packaging_01There are primarily 2 different types of blister packaging commonly used in the product packaging industry. Each has it’s own style and flavour, but they accomplish quite a similar task.

Firstly, there is a type of blister packaging known as thermoformed cavity (blister) packaging. The mechanism behind this is simply the attachment of the thermoformed cavity to a printed blister card, with the application of both heat and pressure. This ensures that the product is packaged air tight and sealed completely. Both sides of the blister card can then be printed upon with the desired graphics or print.

The alternative type of product packaging, specifically blister packaging is known as a clamshell package. The clamshell package contains the product, as well as information cards squeezed in 2 layers of plastic. Clamshell packages may or may not be hinged, hand-sealed or even simply welded closed. This is carried out in such a fashion for security reasons in the hopes that nobody except the end consumer has access to the contents of the package.